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    Our Fees

    1. General provisions

    1.1. This document outlines the Fees for the services offered by StopDelay concerning Airline Services Compensation.

    1.2. This document should be read together with the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, and Our Fees. For further information or queries, feel free to contact us at or consult our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

    2. Complimentary Services

    StopDelay will provide the Eligibility Service, Information Service, and services that do not lead to Compensation at no extra cost.

    3. Our Fees

    3.1. We operate a no-win, no-fee model. This means we will only charge you once we succeed in the claim and receive compensation from the Airline.

    3.2. Our Fees are as hereunder:

    o Service Fee: 30% of the total Flight Compensation, including applicable VAT.

    o Legal Action Fee: An additional 15% is applicable if legal proceedings are necessary.

    3.3. The fees in 3.2 above shall be deducted from the Compensation paid by the Airline.

    4. Legal Costs

    4.1. Where it is necessary to pursue your claim through legal action, StopDelay shall file a suit in a court of law. StopDelay shall pay the court fees, and legal fees “Costs” on your behalf and request the court to make an order for payment of costs by the Airline.

    4.2. If the costs referred to in 4.1 above are reimbursed by the Airline, StopDelay shall retain the full amount. If the legal action is unsuccessful and the court awards costs to the Airline, StopDelay shall pay the costs.

    4.3. You shall be liable to pay legal costs if:

    o The instructions to seek compensation on your behalf are withdrawn from StopDelay after legal action commences.

    o The Terms and Conditions are breached.

    4.4. Goodwill claims

    StopDelay will charge USD $30 when it receives compensation for a Goodwill claim. However, where the compensation is monetary and less than USD $30 it shall waive the fee.

    4.5 Legal Proceedings Involving Israeli Citizens

    Where StopDelay finds it necessary to initiate legal proceedings for compensation, our legal team shall get in touch with you and discuss the specifics of this cause of action. We shall only initiate legal proceedings after receiving consent from you through a duly signed instruction note to file a suit on your behalf.

    4.6. Applicable Fees for Agency-Affiliated Customers

    Clients associated with travel agencies or companies with different payment terms may be subject to distinct fee arrangements as per their individual agreements. Nevertheless, the cumulative fees will not surpass the standard Service Fees and Legal Action Fees outlined in 3.2 above.

    5. Disbursement of Compensation

    5.1. StopDelay shall disburse the Compensation received less our Fees.

    5.2. The disbursement shall be made within ten (10) days from the date of receipt of compensation from the Airline so long as the client has provided his/her bank details.

    5.3 Payments are predominantly made in Euros (EUR), although alternative currencies may be utilized based on specific regulations or customer preferences.

    Note: Currency conversion rates and banking fees may influence the final amount received.

    6. Value Added Tax (VAT)

    6.1. All fees and charges include VAT.

    6.2. Israeli citizens are subject to additional VAT as mandated law.

    Updated – 2023-10-18.