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    March 28, 2024

    Refund Realities: Understanding Limits on Flight Ticket Reimbursement

    Whether you’re traveling for work or leisure, flight delays and cancellations can put a damper on your travel plans. Knowing your flight compensation and reimbursement rights can save you a lot of trouble.

    While several regulations exist to protect airline passenger rights such as the Montreal Convention, EU Regulation, etc., most passengers are unaware of them.

    In this guide, we bring you up-to-date on all the key points of flight ticket reimbursements so you can better exercise your rights the next time you’re flying.

    man at airport looking at his smartphone

    man at airport looking at his smartphone

    Flight Cancellations

    In case of a flight cancellation, you can typically claim a refund for all the parts of your flight ticket in case you haven’t used them yet.

    Passengers can get a refund on their onward and return flights should the onward flight get canceled. Passengers should also get a refund for onward and return flights if the return trips get canceled and the passengers haven’t used their outbound flights yet. If it is only the return flights that get canceled and passengers have already completed their outbound flights, they will only receive refunds for the return flights.

    The only scenario where you won’t get a refund for a canceled flight is if the reason is an extraordinary circumstance such as a severe storm or a volcanic eruption.

    Flight Cancellations for Connecting Flights

    You can also claim a refund for a connecting flight. Those who have already completed parts of their journeys can seek refunds for canceled connections and ask for alternative connecting flights to their final destinations.

    In case the alternative flight options don’t fit your plans, you have the option to request a full refund for the used and unused parts of your booking. In addition, you will also be eligible for a flight from the original departure airport at the earliest possible time.

    Flight Cancellation Compensation

    Unlike refunds, compensation is an additional reimbursement that passengers can be eligible for in the event of a canceled flight. Flight cancellation compensation can be claimed along with a refund.

    Passengers can claim flight cancellation compensation under two conditions:

    If they’re notified of the cancellation less than 14 days before departure

    • The cancellation is the airline’s fault (crew strike, scheduling problems, technical issues, etc.)

    • You may also be eligible for compensation if you miss a connecting flight due to a canceled flight.

    Refund for Flights Canceled by the Passenger

    • If you cancel the flight yourself, you may or may not get a refund. So, how can you tell if you’re entitled to a refund?

    • For starters, the ticket should be refundable. Secondly, the cancellation should follow the rules of the airline.

    man looking at flight schedule board

    man looking at flight schedule board

    Flight Delays

    For delayed flights, passengers can get a refund and flight claim compensation. Compensation payments are decided based on your ticket price, the travel distance, flight time, etc. For example, passengers who completed parts of their flights can claim partial refunds while those who are about to travel can get full refunds.

    • Of course, the reimbursement varies based on how long the flight has been delayed and whether you choose to take the flight or cancel it.

    • If you missed an appointment due to the delay and can prove it, you can get a full refund for your booking. In addition, you can also request a ticket back to the original departure airport.

    Denied Boarding Due to Overbooking

    If you’re denied boarding due to overbooking, you get multiple options for reimbursement depending on whether you volunteered to accept a delayed flight or were involuntarily denied boarding. In case you voluntarily accept a delayed flight, you can:

    Choose an alternative flight to your final destination or opt for a refund of the ticket (if necessary, along with a return flight to the departure airport).

    Negotiate compensation with the airline

    In case you do not volunteer and are denied boarding, you can:

    • Choose an alternative flight to your final destination or opt for a refund of the ticket (if necessary, along with a return flight to the departure airport)

    • Get free drinks and meals along with two faxes, two phone calls, or two e-mails

    • Avail of airline-sponsored accommodation plus transportation between the airport and your lodgings

    • Receive compensation between €250 to €600 depending on the distance of the flight and the length of the delay.

    girl at aitport with laptop

    girl at aitport with laptop

    Claim Flight Reimbursement With Stop Delay

    Knowing your flight compensation rights helps, but the process of claiming your reimbursement can still be stressful. And your efforts may not get you the full compensation you’re entitled to.

    With professional help from Stop Delay, you can get the expertise and support you need when navigating flight claim compensation

    We handle your claims for you so you can focus on your trip. All you need to do is submit essential documents, sit back, and let us manage your reimbursement. Even better, we don’t charge any fees until you’ve been properly compensated.

    Secure the maximum rightful compensation for all your flights with Stop Delay.

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